Oh, Christ, This Guy Took An Amazing Selfie

No, but really.

Think you had a pretty good weekend? Unless you climbed up out of Jesus’ head, like photographer Lee Thompson, co-founder of photographic tour group The Flash Pack, you should step back.

Related: if you get vertigo, you should step way back.

Thompson is in Brazil ahead of the World Cup, and somehow convinced officials to let him inside Rio de Janeiro’s 130-foot-tall Christ the Redeemer statue. Naturally, he climbed up through a compartment in the statue’s shoulder, then ascended up the statue’s head, perched on the figure’s crown and took a selfie.


Check out the Flash Pack’s page for more, including a video of Thompson’s climb, but for now, just make emoticon faces at this pic. You’re all like :O. And don’t mind the noise: that’s just us, screaming forever.

Oh, and just for scale, here’s him standing on the statue’s shoulder, NBD. (Ahhhhhhhh.)

The Flash Pack

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