'16 And Pregnant' Sneak Peek: Jazmin's Parents Deliver Some Tough Love

Will the mom-to-be and her boyfriend be able to mend fences with her folks...and abide by their strict rules?

The many girls who've been featured on “16 and Pregnant” have disappointed their folks with news that they were expecting, understandably, but some of the parents have taken it harder than others, and on tonight's episode, one mom-to-be will need to fight to regain her family's trust.

In the sneak peek below, Jazmin and her boyfriend Dell sit down with Jazmin’s mother and stepfather to discuss their future, but the conversation quickly veers into lecture territory.

“A part of my reaction to the pregnancy is that there obviously had been some deception and disobedience to the rules,” Jazmin’s mom tells her. “You had really established yourself as a trustworthy child, someone who had great potential. You had earned a level of trust in our hearts that this [pregnancy] was definitely a great blow to.”

And while the family’s rules may have already been broken, Jazmin’s mom says they’re still in full force -- even after Jazmin and Dell’s daughter arrives. “When Baby Laila comes, our house has not changed,” she warns, telling Dell, for example, that there will still be dating guidelines.

While Jazmin stays silent, Dell fields more questions about where they plan to live once Laila is born. Dell explains that he’s going to move out on his own, but don’t expect Jazmin to be joining him any time soon: Her stepfather calls shacking up “a recipe for disaster.”

Watch the video, and tune in to “16 and Pregnant” tonight at 10/9c to see if Jazmin can regain the trust of her parents...and still make it work with Dell.