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7 Reasons Why You Need To Follow Ansel Elgort On Instagram Right Now

They're not ALL shirtless photos.

If you're not already familiar with the six-foot-four bundle of adorable that is Ansel Elgort, you will be on Friday (June 6) when his romantic tearjerker "The Fault In Our Stars" hits theaters. Elgort plays teen cancer patient Augustus Waters in the film, and his doomed romance with fellow patient Hazel Lancaster (Shailene Woodley) is so devastatingly moving that there is literally no doubt in our minds that Elgort will be the breakout star of the summer — and the best part about it is, he's taking all of his fans along for the ride.

Celebrities sharing the intimate details of their lives on Instagram is nothing new, but Elgort's social media presence has an air of excitement to it that makes him an absolute must-follow. He's a relatively normal guy standing at the brink of massive commercial success, and his, "I can't believe this is happening," down-to-earth attitude is adorable and infectious. (He's also very attractive, which helps.)

Still not sold on Team Elgort? Well, scroll down for the definitive proof that Elgort is the Instagram follow of the summer. We will not say "I told you so."

1. He's poised for mega-stardom, but still finds time to hang with his normal best friends.

2. He shows you what it's like to be crazy famous.

3. He takes you behind the scenes of everything from movie sets to press tour downtime hangouts.

4. He knows how and when to bust out the old fashioned selfie.

5. He hangs out with baby animals.

6. He can rock a serious v-neck, yet acknowledges that this is a lame thing to do.

7. This.

Still not convinced? Fine. Watch him (and Shailene!) teach us how to hug: