'Star Trek' Motion-Stabilized And Set To 'Turn Down For What' Makes It SO GOOD

To film 'Star Trek' without shaky-cam? Highly illogical.

At the same time as one weak-stomached movie lover was giving "Cloverfield" a nausea-free recut, a group of intrepid "Star Trek" redditors used the same concept to boldly go where no fan has gone before.

A new subreddit, r/StarTrekStabilized, is blowing up as we speak with motion-stabilized footage from the long-running series. It shows exactly how silly the crew of the Enterprise looked as they simulated a rough flight through space without any camera effects.

And because no meme is complete without a musical remix, here is a mashup of the gifs to the tune of "Turn Down for What," which has of course been rechristened "Turn Down for Spock."