Brad Pitt's 'Maleficent' Red Carpet Attacker Has His Day in Court

You mess with the Pitt, you take a hit.

Remember when that jerkwad Ukranian TV reporter Vitalii Sediuk punched Brad Pitt at the "Maleficent" premiere last Wednesday? Yeah, we're trying to forget him too.

Well, he's officially on probation – which will hopefully snuff out the 15 minutes of fame the prankster gained from attempting to fell the world's most un-fellable man (reminder: Pitt shook off the hit and continued walking the red carpet after Sediuk's assault – proving yet again that he's the embodiment of cool, calm and collected).

After Sediuk's court date on Friday in Los Angeles, where he pleaded no contest to battery and unlawful activity charges, he was sentenced to three years probation, one year of psychological counseling, ordered to stay 500 yards away from all celebrity events, and issued with a restraining order to keep away from Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Prior to Friday's court date, Sediuk was slapped with four misdemeanors – one count of battery, one count of assault and two violations of the Los Angeles municipal code (those last two from back when he crashed the stage during Adele's acceptance speech at the 2013 Grammy Awards). Apparently, this guy's lot in life is to be a professional pain in the butt – mind you, this is also the idiot who tried kissing Will Smith in 2012 and dove under America Ferrera's dress on a Cannes red carpet earlier this month.

Sediuk will also have to serve 20 days of community service, which we sort of hope involves every celebrity he's wronged enacting their revenge upon him, eye-for-an-eye style. You're first in line, Brad!