Lil Wayne: ‘Athletes Wanna Be Rappers, Rappers Wanna Be Athletes’

Weezy: Music is youth, Sports is youth.

For some, music and sports are like oil and water, but for Lil Wayne and his buds Kobe Bryant and Floyd Mayweather, who helped him teased Tha Carter V on their social media, the two “go together like chemicals” to quote Tunechi’s “With You” (we’ll assume those chemicals combust in pleasing ways for this example).Lil Wayne had a lot to say about how the ways music and sports are connected in an interview with ESPN magazine.

“Athletes wanna be rappers, rappers want to be athletes,” Lil Wayne, an avid skateboarder and Lakers fan, told ESPN. “I wanna be what I am.”

Floyd Mayweather’s Lil Wayne assist:

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