8 Types Of Candy Ariana's 'Problem' Video Reminds Us We Want To Eat

Also, the video is pretty good, too.

Watching the new video for Ariana Grande's "Problem" sent one main, overwhelming thought through our heads: We want candy. Lots of it. Like, Willy Wonka levels. Here's every type of candy the video got us salivating for:

Old-Timey Peppermints:

Actually, Maybe Licorice Mints, Because The Video Is Mostly Black-and-white:

...Which Makes Us Think Of Ribbon Candy:

...And Allsorts (Which Got Their Name Because There's All Sorts Of Them, Of Course):

Mmm, Ring Pops:

...And Chocolate Coins:

...And Checker Cookies:

...And The Two Guys Next To Ariana Make Us Think Of Sno-Caps Because Of The Hair, Natch:

What Do You Think, Ariana, Time For A Snack?