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Justin Bieber Is Making 'The Best R&B Music' T-Pain Has Heard 'In Years'

Plus, they recorded four songs together.

Back in February, T-Pain and Justin Bieber posted pictures of themselves hanging out -- both in the studio and playing video games -- on social media. The results of those sessions? Some pretty incredible music, according to Pain.

"The Bieber record is really, really R&B, surprisingly," the singer told MTV News this week. "He's doing some great R&B music right now, and it's like literally the best R&B music I've heard in years. I haven't heard music like this since like early 2000s, '90s. It's insane. He's doing really good right now."

Bieber has been moving away from his pop past of late, instead creating music more based in hip-hop and R&B. His last commercial release, December's Journals, included features from Lil Wayne, Big Sean, Future, R. Kelly and Chance the Rapper.

He continued the trend late Thursday night with the release of "Looking For You," featuring Migos.

His work with the "Up, Down (Do This All Day)" singer sounds like it keeps that momentum going, too.

"We did four songs when he was at my house," added Pain, who said the records are Bieber's, not his. "So, I don't know which one he's gonna use, so, we kinda just went in, recorded. And my homeboy Pooh was there, he's a fantastic writer; Justin's a great writer himself.

"We made a variety of things," Pain continued. "We kind of just went through some tracks, set it up, went right in the booth: I went in the booth, ran through a whole song, then Justin went through and ran through the whole same song, and we wrote like three different songs to each track that we picked. So, it was a very productive night."