#FandomFriday: One 'Faking It' Fan Deems Lauren The H.B.I.C.

In Surrealist Punk's mind, Lauren's very much Hester High's Queen Bee.

Sure, art is subjective, but as far as we’re concerned, y’all’s work could brighten up the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel. Every once in awhile, we’re diving head-first into the Internet abyss to track down some of the best fan-made creations we can find, and if there’s something you’d like to submit on your own, tweet @MTVShowBlog using the hashtag #FandomFriday. Give us what ya got, future Warhols of the world!

While Lauren of "Faking It" would be top of the totem pole in most high schools, she's somewhere near the bottom of the barrel in Austin, but one fan of the show doesn't want to leave her there. Tmblr user Surrealist Punk re-imagined the feisty transfer student as Hester High's Queen Bee this week, and his artwork's bold crayon scheme really makes it pop. Lauren's the H.B.I.C. in this drawing, for sure!

Surrealist Punk wasn't about to forget that Karmy are the city's real royalty, though, and took the opportunity to depict them in a truly intimate couple's moment: drooling on each other while dozing on a bus stop bench. Now THIS is true love, people.

Artwork: David S. Wade