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Kim And Kanye Have Totally Normal Honeymoon After Lavish Wedding: See The Pics

Couple hits up two movie theatres in Ireland before heading off to Prague.

Kim and Kanye are already acting like an old married couple.

The newlyweds are enjoying a pretty normal honeymoon (we told you!) in Ireland, taking in a movie at the local Irish Multiplex Cinemas in Tullamore, Ireland.

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The couple, who color-coordinated in black, caught Cameron Diaz's latest flick, "The Other Woman," and were greeted by a swarm of paparazzi and shocked locals upon their departure.

Earlier in the day they caught "X Men: Days of Future Past" in nearby Port Laoise.

But hitting up local theatres isn't how they've been spending their entire honeymoon. They've been getting a bit adventurous as well, unfortunately not with zip lines. The two reportedly went on a mountain biking excursion in Ballyhoura to see the country side of Ireland.

On Friday (May 30), the couple were spotted in Prague where, according to E!, they are in town for Kanye's stylists wedding.

The low-key honeymoon is a sharp contrast from their over-the-top lavish wedding. The couple wined and dined with close friends in family in Paris, enjoying a brunch with Valentino and a rehearsal dinner at the Palace of Versailles. After that, they all jumped on a plane over to Florence, Italy, for the picture-perfect ceremony, which had them sealing their vows with a kiss in front of a white wall of roses.