Dakota Fanning Doesn't Worry About How She Looks In 'Night Moves'

'Sometimes people are just people' says the wise star of 'Night Moves'.

With Reporting By Josh Horowitz

Do not ask Dakota Fanning to do funny voices.

The actress, who stars in the new film "Night Moves" with Jesse Eisenberg, has been on a hot streak of acclaimed Indie movies the last few years, and while she's not against big budget movies, she'd rather not have to do any crazy voices.

"It's so often that people make you feel like, I try not to give into the pressure of, you have to do a funny voice, or you have to do something crazy, cause that's what real people do," Fanning said. "Well actually no, real people don't always have a funny voice and have something strange about the way they look."

That's not something she had to worry about with "Night Moves" director Kelly Reichardt, who emphasizes a much more naturalistic approach with her movies.

"Sometimes people are just people," Fanning said. "And you get to ... definitely not worry about what you look like. It was nice to do that."

And while Fanning's earned some serious Indie cred with her last few roles, she's not about to give up on the big budget studio pictures that made her a household name as a kid.

"Some of the movies that I've done more recently have been more independent, smaller films, and I'm totally cool with that," Fanning explained, "and I'm cool with larger scale films, as long as I feel connected to it."

"I never really think about the size of a film when I'm choosing what film to be in," Fanning added. "A film is a film no matter the size of it. It's like a Dr. Seuss quote."

Guess being in "The Cat In The Hat" rubbed off, even all these years later.

"Night Moves" is in theaters today (May 30).