New Clippers Owner Steve Ballmer Has A Rich History Of Turnin' The F--k Up

The former CEO of Microsoft has inadvertently made some of the best turn down for what videos ever.

Meet the new owner of the L.A. Clippers. His name is Steve Ballmer. He was the CEO of Microsoft for over a decade. He's worth, well, a lot more than Yammer and all of the Surface Pro 3s combined, and he's now Blake Griffin's boss after Donald Sterling's astonishing implosion.

Aside from being really really rich, Steve Ballmer also has a rich history of refusing to turn down when the camera's turned on. Throughout his tenure at Microsoft, Ballmer became known for poppin' AWF at Microsoft company meetings, conferences and interviews, and making "motivational" speeches and entrances so grandiose (and so sweaty) they made a 20-minute Kanye rant look like a pastoral painting. It's all very Howard Dean meets "Silicon Valley" meets "Winnebago Man" meets Beavis except way TF richer.

We've rounded up some of our favorite videos of Steve Ballmer refusing to turn down for anything -- especially not for developers. Enjoy!