Watch LeVar Burton Explain The Glory That Is A Double Rainbow


LeVar Burton certainly knows a lot about doubling. Not only has he raised double the goal for his "Reading Rainbow" Kickstarter, he's also in a very informative video explaining how double rainbows are made manifest.

While the rest of us are more likely to stand, agog, exclaiming, "Double rainbow all the way across the sky!" when we see a 'bow-times-two, the "Reading Rainbow" host knows what's up. (Pun intended).

Burton was a special guest on YouTube series "SciShow" this week, where he gave a very detailed breakdown on what makes some rainbows see double.

The appearance comes on the heels of Burton and Co. surpassing their $1 million Kickstarter goal, launched to bring "Reading Rainbow" to the Web and schools around the country.

Currently, the team has raised more than $2 million. Yup, it's not just butterflies in the sky that are going twice as high.