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Do Justin Bieber And Migos Have A Hit With 'Looking For You?'

The Biebs rolls out an unlikely collaboration with the ATL rappers.

When Justin Bieber isn't busy chasing supermodels around Cannes, he's apparently carving out time to hit the studio with the most unlikely collaborators. The 20-year-old pop star surprised fans on Thursday night (May 29) when he dropped the new track "Looking For You," featuring Migos.

The uptempo track finds Biebs and the Atlanta rappers getting ready to hit the club and find the kind of girl that they just might spend it all on. “My bitch is go gorgeous, I might pay her mortgage/ I run to the money like Forrest, my life is historic/ Travel ‘round the world like a orbit,” Migos spit on the track.

The collaboration is certainly unexpected, so do they have a hit on their hands with this one? There seemed to be equal parts excitement and confusion.

These guys really loved it

And some people were just confused