Justin Bieber, Clowns, 'Jackass' And Tricycles -- Need We Say More?

JB helps Steve O pull off his latest rubber nose prank.

Justin Bieber has so many celebrity pals it's hard to keep up with his jam-packed social calendar. One day he's hanging in the studio with Migos, another hanging with Rick Ross in Cannes and some days he just likes to chill at the local skatepark with friend and former Ringling Bros. clown college graduate Steve O.

Bieber gave Steve a shout-out Thursday night when he linked to a video of the "Jackass" alum's latest prank video, in which O dresses up like a clown and scares people, signs their breasts and tries to ride a tricycle in a skate park.

Look real close in the background and you'll see a shirtless kid in saggy acid-washed jeans... oh wait, there's JB helping Steve out when he crashes and burns! That's what friends are for.