Deena Cortese And BF Chris Buckner To Hash Out Issues On VH1's 'Couples Therapy'

The 'Jersey Shore' alum and her boyfriend have argued over partying before...can they work through it?

Take a quick look at Deena Cortese's Twitter timeline and you might get cavities from all the sweet love notes she leaves for her boyfriend, Chris Buckner. But things haven't always been completely hunky dory between the lovebirds, who started dating nearly three years ago, and now, they're ready to face down their relationship demons.

This September, Deena and Chris will appear on Season 5 of VH1's "Couples Therapy," the network announced yesterday, and will confront their issues alongside couples like adult film star Jenna Jameson and boyfriend John Wood, and Naughty By Nature’s Anthony "Treach" Criss and girlfriend Cicely Evans. The pairs will participate in individual and group therapy sessions as well as relationship exercises to determine whether they should stick together or go their separate ways.

On the final season of "Jersey Shore," Deena and Chris found themselves arguing over D's excessive partying, and Chris' tendency to be the authoritarian in their twosome (you can watch a typical spat in this clip). So will we be seeing more of the same?

+ Tell us if you're excited for the new season of "Couples Therapy," and be sure to tune in to the premiere on Wednesday, September 10 at 9/8c on VH1!

Photo: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images