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Mariah Carey Rode The Subway In A Glittery Ball Gown

Public transportation is FUN!

Let's get one thing straight. Mariah Carey is not like us. She's a fabulously wealthy pop diva and movie actress who has just released her fabulously titled 14th studio album and lives in a fabulous New York pad with husband/comedian Nick Cannon where she probably has a costume jewelry closet bigger than the house you grew up in.

That said, on Thursday night, for one night only, we'll assume, Mariah Carey was just like us. After hosting a Fresh Air Fund gala, the Elusive Chanteuse became a bit less elusive and went out into the Manhattan night in her glittery ballgown to mix with the normals: taking a cab, riding a 1 train with pal/producer Jermaine Dupri and marveling at the filth and piles of garbage on the city's streets.

It was all pretty amazing, and, of course, she posted the photos and video to prove it.

1. Taking The 1

2. The 'Lengthly' Cab Ride

3. Street Compliments

4. It's Not Like She Wore Those Shoes Either

5. Sparkles Against Filth (AKA The Street)

6. Stepping All Over The Dress, On The Filth

7. Avoid This Area (The One With The Filth Piles)

8. She's Underdressed, So Why Not Take The Subway?