Danity Kane's 'Lemonade' Lyric Video Is Like A Rap Video Meets 'Sesame Street'

Girl group go all 'Sky's the Limit' with their lyric video.

Some are written entirely in emojis, others seem to be comic books brought to life, but no matter what, there seems to be a new standard for lyric videos: Go big or go home.

Danity Kane are taking that motto to heart with their just-released clip for "Lemonade." In fact, they went straight-up Biggie with the whole thing -- recruiting a group of kids to play dress-up an lip-synch the lyrics a la "Sky's The Limit."

And I don't know about you, but I've never seen a group of girls work a lemonade stand quite like these three. They rock some killer shades and have a general DGAF look about them that most people don't inherit until they're at least 15. In fact, they don't even look all that eager to sell you some fresh-squeezed lemons -- they look to be just fine without your 50 cents.

"Lemonade" is the girl group's first since splitting up back in 2009. The "Making the Band" alums announced their reunion at the 2013 VMAs, but recently became a trio when the exit of Aundrea Fimbres announced her exit.