5SOS Really Do Have Superpowers: See 'The Lost Tapes' For Proof

Guys explain what their 'Don't Stop' superheroes are capable of.

We already learned in the "Don't Stop" video that 5SOS are superheroes, but what can they actually do?

Wonder no more, because Luke, Michael, Calum and Ashton have uncovered "The Lost Tapes," a hysterical compilation of unseen footage showing the foursome confessing their superhero secrets.

Here's everything we learned.

Ashton, aka 'Smash'

Superhero Power

"I was at the gym, because I like to work out as you can see from this physique, and then the gym equipment just fell on top of me," Ashton said. "But something happened in that moment -- the right weight and the right circumstances and the right moisture in the air -- and I got up and I was super human."

Proudest Super Hero Moment

"I did save a cat today."

Luke, aka 'Dr. Fluke'

Superhero Power:

Luke had a bit of a hard time thinking of his power,but he pointed out he's got a pretty sweet pair of gloves.

What do the ladies think?

"Most of them talk about my legs."

Calum AKA Cal-Pal

What do the ladies think?

"Let's be honest the ladies love yellow and green," Cal said after admitting he didn't have any superhero powers. "It's mostly all girls favorite color and I got the goggles just to add a level of sophistication."

Superhero Motto

"Tight and bright would be my motto, because I'm tight and I'm bright."

Mike AKA Micro-wave

The Most Super Of Them All?

"Am I more super than the other guys in the group?" Michael asked before laughing and adding, "Yes."

Superhero Motto

"My motto is what you are what you eat... what you eat is what you are? Is it what you eat is what you are?" he asked, getting a bit confused, giving up and changing his motto completely. "It's YOLO."