Weatherbox Don’t Want To Hang With You In Their ‘Pagan Baby’ Video

For inside kids only.

Weatherbox‘s disconcerting new track, “Pagan Baby,” has got itself a similarly disconcerting new video.

What appears to be your standard live clip — dudes playing instruments in black and white! what fun! — soon morphs into something else altogether as the vid progresses. The camera pulls back to reveal that the performance is merely a video on a computer screen, watched placidly by some unidentified, beer-swilling man.

The stark imagery goes pretty well with the anti-social lyrics, belied by the poppy beat. “Nice to meet you/ Now go away/ I wanna be alone,” sings frontman Brian Warren.

The band’s new LP, Flies In All Directions, is replete with that kind of growling darkness, which catalogs the group’s — and Warren’s — troubles over the years since their 2006 debut.

“I was convinced of awful delusions,” Warren told Buzzworthy of that period. “I’d see men in disturbing prosthetics, caricatures of my friends but sharp teeth and arched eyebrows. At another point I thought I was a ghost a million years in the future, where a holographic overlay of 2006 obscured reality and a semi-hostile robotic intelligence had replaced all of humanity.”

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