'True Life' Check-In: Have Carmen's And Kim's Men Changed?

Find out how the ladies' relationships have been faring since filming.

MTV’s latest “True Life” explored the stories of two couples whose relationships were at risk because the ladies wanted to change their men. We had an opportunity to check in with Carmen and Kim to find out what they've been up to since filming wrapped -- take a look at the follow-up Q&As below.


How has Justin been doing with his transition from dancing to mainstream modeling?

Justin has been diligently working toward being able to leave dancing for good. Although he has been working harder than ever to be able to fully transition from dancing, he hasn't been able to quit just yet, but we're both excited that a complete transition is in sight.

How has your relationship with Justin changed since the deadline? Do you see wedding bells in your future?

My relationship with Justin gets stronger every day. The show gave us a way to really confront some of our concerns within our relationship and within ourselves. Having been able to grow together through that experience has really been valuable to us as a couple. Justin has declared his intentions of marriage for our future, so we'll see how it goes and when he decides to make that happen.

What was it like to share your story with us?

Sharing our story with MTV was such a unique experience. At times it was fun to take the show with us on our journey, but there were also times when it was difficult and uncomfortable. Having to be so completely vulnerable with the person you love, all the while knowing that millions of people are going to see this moment in time and form their own opinions about who you are is a little scary. The production staff was awesome and really helped guide us through this process. Although there is strength in silence, there is also a strength that comes from transparency and embracing your truth. We have been so fortunate to have had the best possible team throughout this experience. We'd definitely do this again!


How active has Taylor been with promoting his beard? Has he started a full-time job yet?

Taylor doesn't yet have a traditional 9-5 job, but he did start a non-for-profit charity organization called "Care Beards," where he organizes beard events to raise money for local organizations in need. Taylor has also been hired to do some paid appearance gigs and beard modeling gigs through his "Save the Beard" Facebook page, which now has over 21,000 followers. He’s not making a living off it yet, but it's still mind-blowing to think that just one beard has been able to make such a large impact on the local community.

How have your thoughts and opinions on the beard community changed since the start of the show?

I have to say that the beard community has really grown on me over time. Having judges fly in from all over the country for Taylor's "Love for the Beard" competition last summer and getting to know a lot of the guys at various events, I've learned that the beard community is a very strong group of men from all different walks of life -- they've been able to use the one similarity between them to make their communities a better place. It’s a brotherhood.

Even though I wasn’t always fond of beards, I was also welcomed into the community by the guys who have beards and their significant others; many who are very involved in charitable activities sponsored by beard clubs across the country. Many girlfriends and wives even compete in the women’s category at beard competitions, as you saw in the show. There are a lot of great bearded guys out there in the world, and I certainly look at bearded people a lot differently now than I did two years ago.

What was it like to share your story with us?

It was a cool experience overall. At first it was awkward being filmed, but the crew always put us at ease and we got used to it. I think it's fun to know that we can always look back on this interesting time in our lives -- especially after the beard is gone!

Photos courtesy of Carmen and Kim