How To Fake A Teenage Lesbian Love Affair, à La Karmy -- In GIFs!

Just like Amy and Karma of 'Faking It,' you, too, can fool friends and family.

The concept was simple: Amy and Karma would pretend to be a lesbian couple, finally find some footing in Hester High School's popular crowd and, in Karma's case, land the hottest guy in school, Liam. And so far, so good. Though Lauren and Shane both know the girls' secret, Karmy have still got everyone else on "Faking It" fooled, and though their friendship has hit a few small bumps along the way, everything seems to be coming up roses for the time being.

So how have a couple of BFFs who were recently obscure to the student body pulled off such a stunt? Here are five tips we've taken away from watching Amy and Karma seize the "class couple" title -- check 'em out, and keep watching "Faking It" Tuesday nights at 10:30/9:30c!

Go big for the reveal: If you want tremendous results, you've gotta come out swinging, and when Amy swallowed her fears and kissed Karma in front of a packed gym, she ensured they definitely wouldn't be ignored. No turning back from there!

Don't let anyone stand in your way: Amy was rightfully gutted when she realized her mother wasn't so approving of gays and lesbians, but rather than cower and hide in self-protection, Amy put her "relationship" with Karma right out there where her mother -- and anyone watching the 6 p.m. news -- could see it.

Take advantage of social media: Let's face it, selfies are everywhere you turn these days. So in the event anyone had missed Karma and Amy's affection firsthand, Karma made sure to upload a lovely photo of the girls to Instagram. No need for a filter with these beauties!

Keep up the act behind closed doors: Just because the spotlight's dim for a second doesn't mean you can step out of character, and Karma was more than happy to give her sorta-beloved a back massage, especially when she knew it'd piss Lauren off.

Choreograph the perfect threesome routine: Because you never know when the opportunity will present itself!