'Avatar' The Cirque du Soleil Show Is Actual Thing That's Going To Happen

Acrobatic and dexterous aliens — finally!

Did you find yourself watching James Cameron's 2009 epic Avatar and wishing, "If only this was set to ethereal music and accompanied by brain-melting acrobatics?"

Well wish no more, friends, because the Cirque du Soleil show you never knew you needed in your life is about to become a reality, according to Variety. Cameron is working with the circus artists to bring a live iteration of his big, blue world to the stage.

The news was announced by Daniel Lamarre, president and CEO of Cirque du Soleil on Thursday in Montreal during the international business C2MTL– Commerce + Creativity Conference. (Say that five times fast.) The show is set to debut in late 2015. No longer will Na'vi ways be sequestered to its many planned big screen sequels — in fact with a debut date of 2015, the live iteration will arrive before the three remaining Avatar sequels.

"Over the years, I have discovered the extraordinary talents and imaginations of both the artists and the creative forces behind Cirque du Soleil," said James Cameron in a statement. "I know we share the common goal of bringing audiences to another level of entertainment experiences. I look forward to doing just that on this project."

According to Lamarre, this is not some willynilly idea, but rather something that's been in the works since the first movie debuted. "Our relationship with Jim Cameron began with my visit at his Avatar cutting room. I am thrilled that almost 5 years later, Cirque du Soleil will be able to explore the very inspirational Avatar realm for the live stage."

Naturally, the only question that remains is: how much of that Na'vi tentacle sex are we going to see?