'16 And Pregnant' Bonus Scene: Aleah Gives Up Her Dream Of Being A Surgeon

But the teen isn't completely abandoning a career in medicine.

On this week's episode of "16 and Pregnant," we met Aleah, a reformed bad girl who worked hard to continue her education despite the approaching birth of her daughter, Peyton, fights with her boyfriend, Shawn, and health complications stemming from her diabetes. All the while, she refused to give up on having a career in medicine.

In this bonus scene, we see Aleah meet with her school counselor, Dia, to discuss her goals after giving birth. “My original plan was to be a surgeon,” Aleah explains, "but surgeons don’t have very much time with their families; they don't have very much time with their husbands. I wanna raise my kids, so that was something I had to give up.”

Aleah may have abandoned her dreams of being a doctor, but the teen has set her eyes on nursing, even though it might take her a long time to complete the requirements.

“Don’t give it up too soon because you are doing medical assisting, which is a plus,” Dia says, reassuringly. “You are one of those young ladies that have the endurance, you have the integrity.” She then encourages Aleah to take her time, stick with the program and she’ll be on her way to nursing school sooner than she thinks.

“I hope that I can still prioritize,” Aleah responds. “Even though, yes, I have this beautiful baby at home, I need to get my career straight to support this beautiful baby.”

“Never give up on that,” Dia adds.

Check out the clip, and tune in for a new episode of “16 and Pregnant” on Monday at 10/9c.