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Mindy Kaling Imparts Life Advice, Pick-Up Lines In Harvard Law Graduation Speech

Nerds making serious bank.

In the mood for some "Legally Blonde" references with a side of birther jokes? We've got just the thing for you! Actress Mindy Kaling delivered a speech at Harvard Law School's class day ceremony (just graduation, but the Ivy League is too cool to not have their own name for it) yesterday (May 28), and, guys, we think you're gonna like it.

Kaling seamlessly integrated humor, subtle pick-up lines and, of course, that old graduation speech standby, Life Advice.

"You are the nerds who are going to make serious bank," she said. "Which is why I'm here today: To marry the best-looking amongst you."

(Hot tip: Marrying Kaling is probably a great idea.)

She also informed graduates that "People are going to listen to what you say, whether you're good or evil," and warned them that Harvard would follow them through their lives, like if they committed a very public crime, they would be the "Harvard murderer."

Choice words, folks.

On top of that, she of course did some adorable stuff on Instagram and Twitter related to the speech.

Here's Mindy with Preet Bharara! She may play a gynecologist on TV, but he really is a lawyer.

And here she is with a Tiffany cup, a gift for participating in commencement exercises, on her head. Like a lady.

Aaaaaand instagrammed the exact moment that she realized she probably couldn't run away from hundreds of ambitious newly minted law graduates.

Mindy, we will listen to your quips and advice any day, and possibly also let you deliver a baby for us. You've done it on TV so many times, and, really, how hard could it possibly be?

Don't answer that.