Miguel Gets Cody Simpson's Ex-Girl In 'Simple Things'

If you're a wolf, I'm a wolf.

Miguel just wants the simple things -- smoking, laughing and just laying there. The R&B seducer yearns for a girl he can do nothing with, and in his new video for "Simple Things," that girl is model Gigi Hadid, who just happens to be fresh off a breakup with Cody Simpson.

Although Hadid may be going through a rough time with Simpson (and has been seen with Justin Bieber), things are all good in the video. Miguel and Hadid are shot in black and white, taking separate, cinematic strolls down to the beach. When Miguel gets there, his dream girl is waiting. They smile sweetly, laugh, watch seagulls and take a nap. It's perfect.

And then there's the whole wolf theme. (Yeah, there are wolves. I told you it was cinematic.) Wolves blink and run majestically in slow motion, representing Miguel and Gigi, and the end shot shows the canines resting peacefully on the beach -- all of it symbolizing a more simple, instinctual kind of love that exists in nature.

Miguel has been working on a third studio album, Instagramming studio photos with DJ Premier and Michael Angelakos from Passion Pit as proof. He's also reportedly put in time with J.Cole and Jessie Ware.