'Awkward.' Poll: Is Eva Lying About Her Formerly Fabulous Life?

The transfer student claims to be besties with Alexander Wang. Sound fishy?

It's not uncommon for the new kid at school to desperately crave some company. After all, being a transfer student ain't easy, as we've seen with former Manhattanite Eva on "Awkward." But the Palos Hills High School senior is almost trying too hard to get in the other teens' good graces, and after Tuesday's episode, it's tough to tell whether her goal is to make friends...or frenemies. Blackmailing resident PHHS bitch Sadie into playing nice? Letting a tipsy Matty and Jake deal with the police? Cuddling up to Jenna's ex (even though J-Town said it's okay, it's not. Girl code)? Not really the best ways to gather up BFFs.

Not to mention Eva's incessant namedropping and not-so-humble brags. Homegirl claims to be tight with world-renowned fashion designer Alexander Wang and to take exotic trips abroad with her free-spirit parents. And as far as her love life, she supposedly once "dated" a DJ in L.A. who would fly her out on the weekends...from Switzerland.

She's a self-proclaimed expert on the G-spot and once swore to a 'gasm-impaired Tamara that "tantra will release that fire-breathing dragon in your vagina." How many teenagers do you know who practice tantric sexcapades? On second thought, is Eva even a teenager? The experienced blonde bombshell could be in her mid-20s for all we know...

Maybe we're just being overly skeptical? After all, Eva does word-vomit with the confidence of a Victoria's Secret supermodel. Tell us what you think -- is she telling the truth about her life before PHHS?

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