Who Is JWOWW Flipping The Bird At In This Photo?

You don't want to piss off this mama-to-be...

It should be pretty clear by now, but a word to those out there who haven't yet gotten the memo: Don't mess with Jenni Farley, because she will make you pay for it.

So, what prompted the "Snooki & JWOWW" star to tweet the selfie above of her giving the middle finger? That bold gesture would be directed at online tabloid TMZ, after the website posted a photo of the mama-to-be out and about in New York City on Wednesday. Their headline: "Lil Kim Wowwing NYC With Her Baby Bump," comparing JWOWW's appearance to the quirky hip-hop artist's, who is also pregnant with her first child. And it didn't stop there.

"Lil Kim walked the streets of New York today sporting the latest in guidette style...which is an odd look for the 39-year-old rapper," the snarky article read. They also added, "Whatever Kim has been doing, she looks years younger."

Understandably, the story didn't sit well with JWOWW and she promptly blasted the publication on her personal website and social media. "@TMZ for making fun of someone 8 months pregnant and her makeup! Keep sucking that d--k on the street corner," she tweeted.

Later on, the feisty former "Jersey Shore" castie posted a follow-up statement, expressing guilt about the finger photo, but also offering a heartfelt -- but stern -- message:

"I’m regretting the last pic lol not because I don’t think TMZ is a joke and people like them are the reason why our society is so f**ked up but because of myself.

For one second they made me feel insecure and made me question my hair and makeup today and Roger said, “you liked how you looked today… You left happy and with no regrets until they wrote something.” He’s right i felt fine. Then Roger said, “you’re not weak so stop acting like it.”

HE’S RIGHT. I’M NOT. So kiss my ass TMZ and every other hater."

Jenni's BFF and partner-in-pregnancy, Snooki, had her own two cents to add, sweetly tweeting: "Wanna say how beautiful my best friend is. Don't let anybody get 2 u, u look amazing for being 8 months preg & I strive 2be like u."

You tell 'em, ladies!

Photo: Jenni Farley's website

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