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Lil Wayne Teaches Us Why The 'Side Bitch' Always 'Be Winning'

Who else would rub your crotch in public?

Last week Lil Wayne previewed a tongue twister of a track called "Tina Turn Up Needs A Tune Up," which might end up on his upcoming album Tha Carter V. And for this week's installation of "Weezy Wednesdays" we get a sneak peek of "Side Bitch."

Wayne only played a very brief snippet of the track, but it's the lesson he teaches us in this episode that's really important. The YMCMB rapper explained that the track was inspired by a conversation with his friends about "side bitches" -- that's just brunch talk -- which lead him to explain exactly how "side bitches be winning."

"N----s always end up hating what they loved, or hating what they thought they loved," he begins, adding that a side bitch is the only one who would do things like "rubbing your crotch in front of everybody." The rest of it, you really need to hear for yourself.

He truly is an older, and wiser Weezy.