Foster The People Explain The Meaning Behind Their Twisted 'Best Friend' Video

They admit, it's pretty 'crazy.'

When we visited the set of Foster the People's "Best Friend" video earlier this month, they told us we're in for some "pretty crazy" special effects.

What they didn't tell us is that we'd see a girl with monster-like teeth eat another girl's legs.

Nor did they mention that there'd be a girl throwing up a stiletto and another stretching her body -- think Gumpy -- into a tall, slender Alien-like thing. All that we learned on Thursday (May 29) when the indie-rock threesome released the visuals for the Supermodel track.

The clip plays out like a miniature horror film -- but this time, it's a cast full of models, and the monsters and demons are themselves. Frontman Mark Foster said it's all meant to reflect the pressure women feel to obtain that "perfect" body -- an insecurity addressed not only on "Best Friend," but Supermodel as a whole, too.

"It's a commentary on the modeling industry and the fashion industry and the pressures women feel and girls feel every day," he said. "It's a playful take on that; it's not too heavy handed."