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Charles Hamilton Has A Theory: 'I Believe Drake Is An Alien'

And he's got a lot more to say, too.

Sure, Drake has had some out of this world success in music, but he's not actually from out of this world, is he? Charles Hamilton certainly think so.

"I believe Drake is an alien," the rapper said during an interview with little-known Sa Neter Tv7, which we spotted on "Let's not go too far into the song 'Started from the Bottom,' [but] there's a melody in that song, and that melody is, like, the mental ringtone of the aliens."

Then, he got to the heart of what most people have been wondering about the Drizzy hit.

"But, the reason why there is a debate, is because 808s are used in that song; so, if that song was truly an alien song, why would it have 808s?" he asked. How, indeed? "808s are frequency-based, not drum-based. So if you're dealing with frequencies and sh--, a pissed off alien can go, Wooo, wooo, wooo, wooo, and make the song."

That's just one of the many seemingly strange, memorable moments from the nearly 30-minute interview.

Others include, but are not limited to: his belief that Jimmy Iovine being "the closet thing we got to God"; his worship of Sonic the Hedgehog and J Dilla; his claims that he still has a record deal; his theory on what happened between Jay Z and Solange; his beliefs in mysticism and alchemy; his thoughts on Yeezus; and why he never sold out.

Just watch the whole thing. And then take it back to when MTV News spoke with Charles back in 2012, and he set forth some similar claims (minus the whole Drake being an alien thing).