'Jobs That Don't Suck' Sneak Peek: This Man's Invention Makes Wedding Hookups A Cinch

This 'Guy Code' writer created the ready-for-action 'Fuxedo'!

The guys from "Wedding Crashers" proved that nuptials are the holy grail for hooking up with single women. Blame it on the love in the air -- or the open bar -- but where there's a bride, there's usually a bridesmaid hoping to be swept off her feet.

That's why "Guy Code" staff writer/inventor Andy Stuckey (he's got TWO jobs that don't suck!) has designed a tuxedo just for the male wedding guest who’s hoping to, well, benefit from the situation.

"We combine the classiness of a tuxedo with the convenience of a jumpsuit," Stuckey tells Andrew Schulz on Wednesday night's "Jobs That Don't Suck." In the sneak peek below, Stuckey demonstrates why the extraordinary ensemble gives a whole new meaning to the term "easy access." He's even given it a clever name to go with its promiscuous premise: the "Fuxedo."

Check out the clip to see how the Fuxedo can take you from James Bond to birthday suit in three steps flat, and watch "Jobs That Don't Suck" Wednesday night at 11/10c on MTV2!