Cherub's Bouncy Summer Jam 'Doses & Mimosas' Is Actually About 'Self-Loathing'

They've also seen 'Magic Mike' A LOT.

I don't know if you've seen Cherub's video for their hit single "Doses & Mimosas" yet, but it's way, way ballsy. Like, literally, you guys.

From golden underwear to ass-less chaps, electro-pop duo Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber show fans a whole new side of themselves in this video -- if by "side" you mean basically every inch of flesh and every tongue-in-cheek tattoo (see if you can spot the mer-kitten lactating into a dog dish!).

Yup, they play strippers -- and, yup, they take their roles very seriously. If you define "seriously" as romping around with alligators and donning pants-less chef uniforms while staring at boobs.

The guys told us more about their inspiration for the video -- spoiler: they watched "Mike Magic" on loop for two days -- as well as the dark side of the bouncy summer anthem.

Check it out below:

Year of the Caprese is out now.