'Awkward.' Poll: Should Austin Forgive Sadie?

Pretty please vote yes.

After Tuesday's episode of "Awkward," we have SO many questions. Will Matty and Jake become hardened criminals? Will Jenna ever really get over Matty? When will Tamara and Jake just cut the crud and realize they're perfect together? What is Ming doing this very second? And what kind of hat is she wearing? Will Jenna’s mom EVER learn to knock?

Like we said, SO MANY QUESTIONS! However, the main issue that's keeping us up at night? Sadie and Austin's breakup.

After Austin gave Sadie the ol’ heave-ho when she fessed up to sharing an innocent kiss with Matty, our jaws dropped to the floor. Noooooo! She's been so well-behaved lately, can't a girl catch a break?

Although Sadie’s actions weren’t stellar, certainly if Austin loves her the way we know he does, he can get over this bump in their relationship. Also, can we address just how far Sadie’s come? Her romance with Austin has really helped her grow up and learn to trust people. Of course we understand why the dude would be hurt by Sadie’s revelation, but was dumping her and storming off into the night really the best course of action? His weird compliments her weird so well! Surely these two won’t be stubborn enough to let a one-time smooch sully what they have.

+ Er, you clearly know our position on the matter, but what's yours? Should Austin forgive Sadie? Take our poll, and be sure to watch the next "Awkward" on Tuesday night at 10/9c!

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