'Challenge' Vet CT Compares His Odd Bond With Johnny Bananas To Sibling Rivalry

The 'Free Agent' dishes on his relationship with the notorious Bananas.

Team CT? Team Bananas? Even though the two "Challenge" vets haven't been at odds on "Free Agents," fans of the show still feel obliged to declare loyalty to one side or another. But for all the alpha males' previous head-butting (you need only look back to "Rivals II" for a refresher), is their relationship really as combative as it seems? CT tries to rationalize the twisted ties he and JB share in the interview clip below, and as far as he's concerned, the two former winners are essentially siblings.

"We're like two brothers competing for the last piece of pizza," CT tries to explain, adding that the differences he and Johnny have had over the years stem from the ways they play the game -- Johnny is calculated, while CT is more of a loose cannon. And though the warriors have never really been on the same page, CT's recently had sort of an epiphany, and he admits they only did themselves harm by keeping their guards up. "If me and him had worked together so long in the past, I think things would have been a lot easier for us," he says.

The waters are placid for CT and Johnny now, but will a storm ultimately brew between them? Keep watching "Free Agents" Thursday nights at 10/9c to find out!