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Tyga Gets Raunchy On 'Real Deal': Listen

The Cali native lets loose a new track.

Tyga has made his affinity for the strip club clear on songs -- just once or twice before -- and it looks like he's added another record to that bunch.

On Wednesday (May 28), T-Raww released his latest track, "Real Deal," which you can listen to below (heads up: the artwork is NSFW). A rolling, sinister beat produced by Sap and Jess Jackson plays the back as the California native directs his rhymes at one particular girl working at the club.

"When you up and against that pole, I just wanna take you home," he raps early on. Later, he adds, "I'm a little crazy when it comes to you baby/ We can leave together, you're my midnight fantasy."

There's no word yet on whether on not this will live on The Gold Album: 18th Dynasty, Tyga's next project, which is due out later this year. What we do know, though, it that Kanye West will be involved when it does eventually drop.

“I met Kanye like six years ago and it’s always been cool,” he told MTV News earlier this year. “Every time we chopped it up or been around each other it’s always been cool vibin’, and he was just like, ‘Yo, man I’ll produce your joint. I’ll produce your joint if you want me to,’ and I was just like, 'Hell yeah man.' That’s a blessing.”