Michelle Crowe

Nathan Griffith Is A Superdad In Training

The 'Teen Mom 2' cast member has been prepping for the birth of his son at the gym.

Look out, Superman and Batman, there’s a new hero in town! Where exactly is he to be found? Why, lurking in the shadows of Jenelle EvansTwitter. That’s right, we’re talking about the "Teen Mom 2" cast member's boyfriend, Nathan Griffith, and the gym selfies his ladylove recently shared with the masses.

While Jenelle is all swoon-like over her man's pecs, she’s clearly missing the fact that now, should he feel so moved, Nathan could easily don a cape and become Super-Nathan, able to defend her and their unborn Kaiser bun from any and all trouble and danger. The world needs more real-life superheroes and we're psyched to see that Nathan -- and his newly primed physique -- have not hesitated to step up to the plate. Who wants to write his theme song? Show of hands?

In this scenario, Jenelle’s definitely a Mary Jane type (sorry, Peter Parker, Nathan gets the girl). We say this solely because we love when her hair has any red in it whatsoever. And "Nathan Griffith: Superdad" is already primed for a sidekick! Kaiser is a dope, superhero-style name, and with such a ripped dad, he’s bound to have abs before the terrible two's hit.

Can't you picture it? Nathan and Kai, standing side-by-side, arms crossed, in coordinating ensembles. They bump into Batman, who's all dark and brooding, and after Nathan gives a sufficient eye-roll, he and the little one hop into the Griffith-mobile and ride off into the night. It's a spin-off in the making!

Photo: Michelle Crowe