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Charlie Cox Is Marvel's Daredevil, And Here's Why You Should Care

The Man Without Fear is here.

At long last, Marvel has found its Man Without Fear.

"Boardwalk Empire" actor Charlie Cox will step into Ben Affleck's red leather (hopefully it's a different costume, for all things holy) as Matt Murdock on Marvel's "Daredevil" TV series, premiering on Netflix in 2015. It's fantastic casting, and here are a few of the reasons why.

Because He's Not Michael C. Hall

No offense to the erstwhile Dexter Morgan. But there were some very vocal fans who wanted the "Dexter" star to take on "Daredevil" simply because he was Dexter. It would have been hard to complain about an actor of Hall's caliber in the Marvel Universe, but it also would have felt a bit on the nose. Thankfully, Marvel went the less obvious route.

Because He's Not A Household Name

Some of Marvel's biggest casting coups have come in the form of actors who weren't yet on anyone's radar. Chris Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki, in particular, are two left-of-center choices that allowed the characters to shine without any outside baggage. It's a strong approach, and one we're happy to see repeated on Daredevil.

Because He's Great

Even if Cox isn't a well-known name quite yet, he has some impressive credits under his belt, including "Stardust" and numerous episodes of "Boardwalk Empire." He's a strong talent with more to prove, and "Daredevil" gives him that opportunity.

Because He's A Badass

See the video below for further proof. Warning: it's not safe for work, and if you haven't watched "Boardwalk Empire," there are spoilers ahead.

What do you think of Cox as Daredevil?