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Robert Pattinson Has His 'Eye' On Robert De Niro

Two Bobs are better than none.

What do Robert Pattinson and Robert De Niro have in common? Other than their first names, the two Bobs are on track for their first-ever movie collaboration.

Deadline reports that Pattinson, late of the "Twilight" series and next seen in the Australian post-apocalypse thriller "The Rover," has signed on for "Idol's Eye," a new crime thriller directed by Olivier Assayas and produced by Benaroya Pictures.

De Niro is also on board, marking his first collaboration between the artist formerly known as Edward Cullen.

Nothing is known about "Idol's Eye," plot wise. In fact, nothing much is known about it at all, other than its description as "a sophisticated heist action-thriller." But it's an exciting prospect with a veteran like De Niro alongside Pattinson, who is no longer merely the world's greatest smolderer; his post-"Twilight" films, like "The Rover" and especially "Cosmopolis," have shown his interest in outside-the-box, left-of-center projects. If "Idol's Eye" falls into that category, then this could be the beginning of something very cool indeed.

Are you excited for the Pattinson and De Niro team-up?