'Game of Thrones': Will The Stark Sisters Finally Reunite?

Images from the next episode show Arya on a familiar road.

Ever since Ned Stark's beheading back in "Game of Thrones'" first season, poor Sansa and Arya have been having a rough go of it.

The elder Stark sister finally escaped captivity and forced marriage in King's Landing, only to find herself trapped in the company of Petyr "McPervypants" Baelish; the younger has spent months on the road with a sadistic brute who has no shame, no decency, and no handkerchiefs in which to blow his giant horrible snot-gobs. But with the images from next week's episode now online, it looks like the sisters Stark might have finally caught a break.

The photo above shows Arya and the Hound on what looks like the same rocky, narrow road that Sansa walked earlier this season, the one that eventually leads to the Vale. And the guards lining the path are clearly holding banners from House Arryn, suggesting that Arya is thisclose to the Eyrie where her sister is also staying.

Could this be the reunion we've all been waiting for? Will we finally see Sansa and Arya together, again, at last?

Without spoiling anything, those who've read the books can probably guess the relative likelihood of seeing a reunion between the sisters this season -- although it wouldn't be the first time that the producers of this show took liberties with the source material. But after waiting so long to see the Stark girls finally catch a break, the possibility that it might actually happen is strangely bittersweet. On one hand, it's about time that poor Sansa saw a familiar face that doesn't belong to someone who's trying to either kill or sleep with her. But on the other hand, being back in the bosom of her family would probably put a stop to Arya's penchant for stabbing people, and that's sad, because we love tiny murderous Arya.