Cher Lloyd Knows Her Way Around A One Direction Doll

Now we know what the 'Sirens' singer does in her spare time.

The British Invasion is poised to receive a feminine touch. Cher Lloyd stopped by MTV on Tuesday (May 27) to guarantee her infectious spread over the States, and shared a couple of stripped-down singles off her new album, Sorry I'm Late.

Fans also sought out Cher's expert advice on love and friendship, sharing personal questions about boyfriend-obsessed BFFs and public declarations of cheating. After advising the girls to "move on," the "Sirens" singer played a lightning round of "Guess the Mess."

The pop star was led into guessing the objects found within a few trash bins, and she showed-off an uncanny, super-human sense of touch. Watch below as Lloyd feels-up Niall Horan's head and totally nails it.