La Roux's 'Uptight Downtown' Is Great For A Sweaty Dance Party

Careful, though: 'The temperature is rising.'

When La Roux finally ended a years-long hiatus earlier this month with the rather moody "Let Me Down Gently," it seemed like a decided departure from Elly Jackson's defiant "Bulletproof" and "I'm Not Your Toy" days.

But worry not, with her latest offering, "Uptight Downtown," Jackson proves that, even though a lot has changed since La Roux and her split from her longtime bandmate Ben Longmaid, she's still down to party.

The synth-heavy dance-pop track is meant for a sweaty night out -- a dance-fueled party somewhere downtown that you can't quite place -- and as Elly continues to sing "the temperature is rising," it seems that music is, too.

Trouble In Paradise drops Stateside on July 8.