These Photos Of Jessica Simpson Playing Golf In A Bathing Suit Are Probably What Broke Instagram

Who needs proper golf gear when you look that smokin' in a bathing suit?

You're mad because Instagram broke? You should probably blame Jessica Simpson, who posted Instagram bathing suit shots revealing a "These Boots Are Made For Walkin'"-era toned AF body. Instagram basically couldn't and was like "bye, girl. 504."

Serially criticized for her weight -- which is bonkers, because a.) she looks like the platonic ideal of beauty if Barbie is your aesthetic apotheosis; and, b.) like, don't you have anything better to do than care what Jessica Simpson eats or doesn't eat?, also c.) CAN SHE LIVE? -- the singer, actress, business mogul and sometimes golfer has clearly been working on fitness and stopped only to practice her golf swing in heels, which is cute since golf gear is are so basic.





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Credit: Getty; Instagram; Picgifs