The Many Faces Of Chelsea Houska

The 'Teen Mom 2' cast member is a selfie master.

By Rebecca Stokes

You know who has an amazing face? "Teen Mom 2" career girl Chelsea Houska, that’s who. I mean, she’s got amazing hair, an amazing personality and so many other amazing qualities (also, I like to say amazing.) But today I’m talking all about her mug. Seriously, have you ever visited her Instagram page? The woman tosses up selfies that are basically high art. I’d also posit that she’s single-handedly reinvented the photobomb. It used to be something funny and unflattering, and somehow she’s made it totally charming. Doubt me? Prepare to be proven wrong, royally.

Chelsea knows that the ability to take hilarious selfies isn’t something you’re born with, it’s learned. Check out the adorable face she’s pulling while instructing her too-precious baby girl, Aubree, how to give the camera what it wants.

What’s better than Kailyn Lowry-Marroquin taking a selfie with Dr. Drew? Kailyn taking a selfie with Dr. Drew not knowing that Chelsea is photobombing the heck out of them!

Only Chelsea could make glasses look this good -- and I say this as someone who wears glasses. She is serving goofy, nerd-realness, and serving it well.

Kail makes her second appearance on the list! Doesn’t this photo fill you with a fervent desire to make Chelsea your bestie? I feel like she’d always be there, Instagram primed, ready to make you laugh no matter how bad your day has been.

You know who loves a snow day more than Chelsea Houska? NO ONE. THAT’S WHO. The look on her face here is one of pure delight; it’s almost like she doesn’t know the polar vortex is headed her way. Or maybe she's well aware, but doesn’t care because she’s got a killer scarf collection.

Photo: Lee/Ramales/Splash News