Cher Lloyd Got Super Real On 'Live From MTV' Today: Watch

When you ask Cher for advice, you're going to get an honest answer.

Cher Lloyd stopped by the MTV Newsroom on Tuesday (May 27) to warn us that, in the next few months, she's going to be everywhere... "like a rash."

With her album Sorry I'm Late out today, tons of press, and supposedly an upcoming tour (and even more supposedly, a video with Demi Lovato), Cher is letting herself be heard. When she came by for "Live from MTV," she performed "Sirens" and "Bind Your Love" and answered all the fan questions we can get into 30 minutes.

Which song does she find the most personal? How long does she spend on her hair? Cher dished all, and she wasn't afraid to give out a little advice for her Bratz too.

A few fans introduced their queries to Lloyd, hoping for a little direction, and boy, she didn't sweeten any of her answers. When it came to dealing with that boyfriend-obsessed BFF, she said to get rid of her. "Don't waste your time thinking about her, because I'm sure she's not thinking about you when she's with him." Damn, Cher.

What does she think about that fan who admitted to cheating on her boyfriend on Twitter? Watch her answer along with the games we put her through during "Live From MTV."