'Awkward.' Mirror On The Wall, Who's The Meanest Of Them All: Sadie Or Eva?

PHHS' newest girl is throwing some SHADE. Is she dethroning Sadie as cruel queen?

For years, Sadie Saxton has been the uncontested Mean Queen of Palos Hills High School -- if you walked in a room and noticed the temperature drop, chances are, she made it plummet. On tonight's "Awkward" episode, though, she finally saw a worthy opponent in PHHS new girl, Eva, and though the former Manhattanite had been sweet so far, she proved she could unleash the claws when she felt compelled to scratch.

Tired of Sadie's bitchy banter, the transfer student pulled out the big guns and threatened to show Sadie's boyfriend a picture of the former head cheerleader snuggling up with Matty McKibben. The moment between the pals was genuinely innocent, but Eva suspected its leaking might lead to a breakup between Sadie and her guy. When Sadie came clean about kissing Matty -- even though it meant nothing -- Austin gave his girl the heave-ho and Eva proved herself to be a master manipulator. Icy, girl!

Later, when Eva noticed Matty and Jake, with whom she'd been drinking in Jake's convertible, getting accosted by a police officer, she didn't stop to help and, instead, ran in the opposite direction. True, she might not have been too much help much with the cop, but the fact that she'd been the one who organized the pregame, and then acted as if she had nothing to do with it at all, proved she was looking out for herself, first and foremost. With a friend like Eva...

There's no doubt that Sadie's been ruthless to those she loathes, but at least she's always been forthcoming. Does Eva's underhanded viciousness make her even more evil?