Remembering The ‘Catfish’ Who Were (Pretty Much) Honest About Their Identities

It's not a common occurrence, but it does happen every so often.

It’s rare in the world of “Catfish,” but once in a blue moon, Internet gurus Nev Schulman and Max Joseph help to uncover a very uncommon breed of people who are (for the most part) telling the truth about their identities. On last week’s episode, we got our first taste of honesty during Season 3, when Antoinette discovered that Albert (a.k.a. Florida-based rapper T-Lights) wasn’t actually posing as someone else on Instagram. This got us thinking back to the (few) times that folks played it straight on the MTV series, and ultimately just needed a push in the right direction from our super sleuths in order to help them overcome a personal obstacle and come face-to-face with their online crushes. Let’s take a look back at some of these memorable scenarios.

Lauren and Derek: The couple communicated for eight years before Nev and Max orchestrated Lauren’s first magical meeting with Derek during Season 2. Fans were rooting for the longtime lovebirds to be the series’ first successful match, especially after Derek proposed on the mid-season reunion. All signs pointed to a picture-perfect ending, but unfortunately, the duo won’t be living happily ever after: They recently decided to split.

Melissa and Nick: On Season 2, Nick felt he couldn’t go off to college without coming face-to-face with Melissa, who he met on a Tila Tequila fan site six years prior. Melissa turned out to be the young lady in her photographs, but there was a bigger issue standing in the way of a potential romance: her live-in sorta-boyfriend, Olin. While the pair didn’t strike up a love connection, they did remain friends.

Jesse and Brian: When Jesse and Brian were supposed to have their first visit, he was a no-show. Two years later, Jesse called on Nev and Max to find out if her Facebook friend, who she became acquainted with through a childhood buddy, was who he claimed to be. Indeed, Brian was legit, but the couple hit it off a bit too quickly, having sex their first night together. “You gotta test drive the car before you buy it,” Jesse joked shortly afterwards to the “Catfish” guys. While the couple seemed like they were in it for the long haul, the update at the end of the Season 2 episode revealed they had come apart at the seams just two days after she drove all the way from Pennsylvania to be with him in Alabama.

Kim and Matt: During the series’ third episode, we watched as Matt resisted spending time with Kim in person after a decade of online communication. When they finally sat down to chat face-to-face, he admitted that he was ashamed of his physical appearance, which is why he’d shared snapshots that led her to believe he was much thinner. On the Season 1 reunion, Matt revealed that he lost two-hundred pounds (way to go!) and still speaks with Kim regularly.

Antoinette and T-Lights: It initially seemed as if this online love story was a very fishy situation. But it turned out that aspiring musician T-Lights’ Instagram account was real and he wasn’t duping Antoinette. The duo really hit it off after sharing a lovely first date — and a smooch — but distance proved to be too much, and at the end of the episode, Antoinette said that she was dating someone else in her neck of the woods.

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