Kanye West For Mayor? It Could Happen

This dude has started campaigning early.

Kimye are probably exhausted from last weekend's nuptials, but at least one man isn't willing to let Kanye West rest. Nope, he wants West to run for Mayor of Chicago in 2015.

Artist and writer Ben Shepard has set up a website dedicated to inspiring Ye to run for mayor, titled, naturally: Kanye 4 Mayor.

Dissatisfied with the current leadership of Rahm Emanuel -- who he calls "a servant of a very narrow elite who exerts massive public relations energy to disguise this fact" -- Shepard is asking the Chicago-born rapper to attempt to grab the mantle.

Well, both Kanye and former Chicago Mayor Richard J. Daley have been compared to pharaohs...

"The ideal candidate has three qualities," Shepard writes. "(1) They share a vision of a New Chicago for and by all Chicagoans. (2) They are famous, because fame is crystallized charismatic authority and this kind of big change needs significant authority. (3) They are not associated with existing Chicago politics and willing to use creative methods."

And lest you think this is all some publicity ploy, the self-proclaimed artist/writer notes: "No. I’m serious. I don’t like the direction that the city is heading in and think that an internally diverse, multipronged social movement lead by a charismatic and problematic leader is the best way to ahead [sic] another direction."

He made the website -- replete with plenty of suggestions for how Kanye can deal with current issues like transportation and crime -- in the hopes that the "God Level" rapper would see it and heed the call. He's also organizing an art show around the effort.

"Under your administration [mayor] would mean a combination of role model, consultant, and design chief," Shepard writes. "It would probably take 8 years to get all this work done but just think what would be possible after."

Well, Yeezus has already inspired a religion... Politics seem like the natural next step.