7 Summer TV Series We’ll Be Watching

Just because the sun's out doesn't mean we're not staying inside.

School is out and so is the sun, which is great, but made bittersweet by virtue of the fact that all your favorite shows have had their season finales already. See ya, “Mad Men.” Til next year, “Parks and Recreation.” Au revoir, “The Mindy Project.”

Since there are only so many episodes of “Catfish” available on demand, and because spending time in the great outdoors is for people who are into that sort of thing, here are a few shows we’ll be communing with on our couches this summer season.

“Undateable” (NBC)
What it is: Premiering May 29, “Undateable” looks to be doing its damnedest to fill the hole in “How I Met Your Mother”-loving viewers’ hearts, laugh track and all. Expect beers, bros and lines you won’t be able to stop repeating in your normal life.
Why we’re psyched: We miss sitcoms that remind us of our own lives, awkward pickup lines, friendzone and all.

“Almost Royal” (BBC America)

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