Austin Mahone Literally Can't Stop Saying 'MMM Yeah' In This Supercut

Is 'The Secret' That Austin loves saying those two words?

Out today, Austin Mahone's The Secret is one of the most solid sets of high-energy pop that I've heard all year. From the Backstreet Boys-meets-*NSYNC throwback-pop feel of "Next To You" and "Till I Find You" to the dangerously feels-inducing "Shadow" and "All I Ever Need," I can't stop saying "MMM Yeah" to 18-year-old singer's entire EP.

Speaking of people who can't stop saying "MMM Yeah," have you ever noticed how often Austin utters those two words in interviews? Watch this supercut that we cobbled together if you don't believe me. Speaking of which, why don't you believe me. Trust issues -- work on them.

I mean, you've got to do something today that doesn't involve listening to The Secret, right?

And as if that's not enough Mahomie love already, Austin will be taking over MTV's Tumblr today (May 27) at 2:30 p.m. ET, so make sure to send in your questions.

Want to know if Austin is actually dating Camila Cabello of Fifth Harmony? Or, why he's shirtless, like, 97 percent of the time? How about what it feels like to rub Pitbull's head for luck? Now's your chance.